Gwinnett County has a reputation for being proactive, especially when it comes to water. The F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Facility, constructed in the early 2000s, is still considered one of the most advanced water reclamation facilities on the Eastern Seaboard. The leadership on the County Commission and at the Department of Water Resources started talking about creating a water innovation center several years ago. Although it has taken a bit longer than hoped and has gone through iterations, the dream that has become The Water Tower is coming to fruition.

Over the next several years, development of an innovation campus will become reality. Testing and demonstrating new technologies has begun at our active demonstration bay. With a focus on digital technologies, which have an enormous amount of potential to positively impact water utility efficiencies, The Water Tower will be able to visually display results from technologies being demonstrated.

The establishment of a nonprofit organization to support applied research, technology innovation, workforce development and public engagement around water will have a positive impact on Gwinnett County, the region, the Southeast, and beyond.